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   As you know, I am somewhat of a photography enthusiast. Here is a selection of some of my favourite photos.

Good Vibrations

Thanks to my friends at WSID, I was able to get up close & personal with a thundering dragster at the start line. The vibration was so intense it shook the camera, hence the blurry image

Back Wheel Off the Ground

I still can't figure out how he got his back wheels to lift off the track.

Amanda Shepherd

In deep concentration before her race.

Over the Moon!

Amanda Shepherd after the race. She couldn't wait to give her mother a hug.

A Rare Rear ender

Caught by my camera as it happened, an unprecedented accident at WSID. One dragster decides to run up the back of another at the start line due to an offical giving the all clear ahead, oooops!


Dragster engine blows with an official in the foreground.


Two of my friends on their wedding day.


The Groom after the wedding looking extremely relaxed.

The Bride

Looking a little chuffed.

Concrete Sky

A unique blend of nature and a man made structure - Sydney, Australia.



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