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  The Internet can be a wonderful source of information and entertainment.  I have been using the internet since 1994 and have cobbled together a small collection of some of my favourite sites I've been using over the years.  I hope you also find them useful.

bullet Fiberglass Freaks
bullet It's not what you think! These guys build full scale Batmobiles which are for sale, based on the original 1966 design.
bullet Fred Barton Productions
bullet Fred Barton was responsible for restoring some of the most famous TV & Film robots. He now sells faithful replicas to the public.
bullet Edmund Scientific
bullet If you like gadgets, then this site is for you.  A great online store.
bullet Smart Car
bullet They may look a little strange but I can see that some day this little cars will be our standard for of transport.
bullet Amateur Radio in Australia
bullet With the internet making worldwide communication so easy, we forget how important amateur radio was and still is.
bullet The World's Smallest Website
bullet Developed by Alan Outten, 'Guimp' is the smallest website in the world.

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